Personal Stylist Testimonials

I enjoyed a fun and very helpful wardrobe detox session with Anna. She knows what works and what doesn't and how to add accessories to really pull an outfit together. I can highly recommend her.

Claire, London 49

My daughters were (obviously) desperate and bought me "Anna" as a birthday present. Not only did she discard clothes long past their sell-buy date but more importantly she also showed me how to put together what I already had. My wardrobe looked far emptier, but felt so much more accessible. I had always complained that I had so many clothes but nothing to wear - Anna made what I now had wearable. Our shopping expedition was more exploratory than a total buying experience - some shops did not have the size for example - but we bought a super red belt and I subsequently bought a silver belt so that now I look as though I am wearing an outfit, rather than clothes just "hanging" as Anna so nicely put it. Just goes to prove that you can still get bolder as you get older.

Julia aged 63, London

As a busy mum-- having a sense of style seemed to never make my list of to-dos. A wardrobe detox and styling session with Anna was just what I needed to give me the boost I needed to feeling more confident about how I look. Before Anna's styling session, I lacked the ability to put what I own and like together in a way that isn't just random paired pieces. She helped me to emphasize my figure strengths instead of fixating on my flaws, and put together sensible outfits that don't make me look too overdone on an average day. With Anna's practical and personalized approach to helping me define my style, I feel refreshed and excited about looking in my closet. She was realistic, and just harsh enough to have me critically look at the clothing I had and make choices about what made me feel good once I had it on. She guided me to looks I would not normally have considered-- pointing out why it was a good fit for me. Her advice hinged on making the best use of the great pieces I already had in my wardrobe and how to pair it with a few key pieces to add some style to my otherwise basic approach. Her advice about what could round out and add spark to my wardrobe were spot on, and I feel confident that I can go out and piece things together on my own now. I've been so pleased-- even my kids are noticing the results wondering, "why do you look so nice mummy?!" I'm already looking forward to my fall/winter wardrobe detox! Christine, aged 36, London

Thank you Anna for helping me to feel stylish again. You cleared out my dowdy clothes and replaced them with bright, stylish ones! You showed me what clothes suited my body shape and encouraged me to try something different. I feel like a new, confident woman, ready to take on the day to day challenges that life presents. I can't wait to book another session with you in the fall. Many many thanks. Kind regards

Julie, aged 38, North London

Anna achieved what I could never do on my own and has helped me to be more bold and confident with my personal fashion and sense of style. Using Anna's services was the best use of time and money I've spent on my wardrobe in years.

Amy, aged 38, London

Anna was a revelation. Her advice was spot-on. I am now able confidently to 'throw on' stylish daytime outfits & revisit the darkest corners of my wardrobe.

Kath, aged 45, London N8

Anna helped me with sorting through my incoherent wardrobe as a first step to remedy my style. Through this initial effort, we reflected on what choices were appropriate for my shape and what clothes might best be cast aside. Anna works efficiently and capably through an entire closet in a few hours. Shopping with Anna produced great results: I bought the pieces needed and requested, and we stayed within my requested budget for the clothes. Anna has reframed my personal style with me. Quick, constructive and no nonsense sessions--I'm very pleased.

Kelly aged 36, London

Thank you Anna for helping me escape the devilish fashion slump I had fallen into! You've opened my eyes to a world of possibilities that marry comfort and style and erased my fear that being stylish = fussy. I'm over the moon with everything you've helped put together for me and am confident about carrying forward!! Your professionalism and tutelage on how to boost my wardrobe that works for me and my lifestyle has been impressive! I can't tell you how many compliments I received from perfect strangers and thus, can't wait to work with you again for the fall/winter.

Chris, aged 39, London

Anna was professional and fun! The clothes detox was helpful as we really looked over my clothes and we sorted out my wardrobe. We worked on how to wear what I currently owned and what I needed to add in order to complete my look. When shopping, Anna took into account my style and personality when picking out my clothes. She was organised and I never felt pressured to buy anything I didn’t like; we even stayed within budget. Thanks for all of your help!

Rhonda aged 44, London